This latest album is the culmination of a year's work from 2019-20. It sees Hale venturing back in time, to explore his first musical love - Jazz Funk. Combining stacked vocals with funk grooves and extended harmonies Beyonder Paradowse is Hale's tribute to the music that filled UK dancefloors in the late 1970s and early 80s but it also references many other diverse influences, including minimalism, synthpop, krautrock and Brazilian batucada. Featuring guest sax solos from his long-time collaborator Steve O"Gorman this album is a full of infectious grooves, harmonic changes, hypnotic melodies and sonic twists and turns. 





Released 1st Sept 2017

This album sees Hale's quintet excelling themselves again with another heady mix of uplifting tunes that mix a wide range of influences including Contemporary Jazz, Swing, Funk, Latin and World Music . There is a real emphasis on rhythm in this album that will get your feet tapping.


Released 31st March 2014

An album of all-original compositions by Linden Hale featuring Hale on piano, Steve O' Gorman on sax, Bryan Paul on bass, Becca Percival on percussion and Luke Szoltysek on drums. Mixing influences from contemporary Jazz, Funk, Soul & World Music this 7-track album features awesome performances from the whole quintet. Rave reviews on amazon:

"I have played this SO MUCH! I LOVE It! I play it all the time and is a loved album in my collection. All the songs are brilliant"

"the whole thing is just so vibrant and rich"

"If you're fan of Snarky Puppy, Cinematic Orchestra, Bugge Wesseltoft, or anything with a pulse then you need this album in your life! Can't recommend this enough!"

"I'll go by what I hear - and I love it. It's very modern jazz, perhaps in the style of recent Yellowjackets if I had to compare to something similar"



Released 1st June 2013.

Until recently Hale's compositional work only surfaced on a few recordings: 2 releases by his long-term collaborator Barry Nichols under the name Level featured heavily-processed, ethereal-sounding samples of Hale's piano improvisations. In 2009 Nichols released a limited edition EP of 4 of Hale’s tracks entitled ‘Dawning’. The EP quickly sold out and received phenomenal reviews. One review on the Smallfish website stated ‘I can’t recommend this highly enough, it is music in its purest form’ . The 4 tracks from Dawning are now included again, in remastered form, on this album release - Into The Light.

Hale’s many influences include impressionist composer Claude Debussy, Minimalist Steve Reich and, most notably, Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett. In his work you can clearly hear these influences plus a whole range of others from Gospel to Gamelan. The pieces on this album are often slow moving and hypnotic. They draw the listener into an intimate world of sound where every note appears like a drop of rain on the surface of a tranquil pond. Imagine the auditory equivalent of a Rothko painting or a Zen garden and you will be somewhere close....

This exciting new release sits within a world of contemporary piano playing that takes its influences from Classical, Jazz, World Music, Minimalism and Popular Song but is, somehow, none of these… is instead, something new and utterly unique.


 VIDEO - shot, edited and composited by Peter Hodgkinson @ Mechos Productions
A compilation of extracts from several Elevation Quintet live shows:

Steve O'Gorman - Sax
Linden Hale - Piano
Bryan Paul - Bass
Becca Percival - Percussion
Luke Szoltysek - Drums

All tunes © Linden Hale

Somewhere over the Rainbow - live at jazzetry sept 2018